Miles Paul Whisted ✵ 1997-1997

Miles Paul Whisted

Name at birth: Miles Paul Whisted
Date of birth: February 11,1997
Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of death: February 11, 1997
Place of death: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Place of burial: Holy Septlecure Cemetery,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Submitted by: Erika Whisted (

I cry everyday for us. For you, because you will never share life with your family, those who love you so much already. For us, because we will never see your smile or feel your tiny arms holding us close. I ask God everyday why he needs you. Why you can’t grow up with your brothers who love and need you. Why your daddy has to feel such pain. I pray everyday that you already know how much you are loved. I pray that you can hear us talking to you inside me, that you can feel your daddy’s touch, Michael’s kisses, Alex’s hugs and Dylan’s head lying close to yours. I wish everyday that you were not so sick and you were coming home with us. Sometimes I wish that you could stay inside me forever, so that you could live and I could be with you, my son. I am afraid everyday that once you leave me the lonliness will be more than I can bear. I fear the emptiness inside without you there and without you in my arms. I hope everyday, Miles, that you will be in God’s arms. I hope you will hear our prayers for you and know that even though we only had a short time to be with you, you are our son, our love, our angel and you will be missed everyday. A part of your soul will live in each of our hearts where you will shine brightly forever. I know everyday that passes will be filled with memories of you. I know you will never know the sorrows of this world. You are loved.

Mommy, Daddy, Dylan, Alex and Micheal

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