Mary Elizabeth Powell ✵ 1926-1998

Name at birth:    Mary Elizabeth Lyons 
Date of birth:    05-01-26 
Place of birth:   Philadelphia, Pa 
Date of death:    10-12-98 
Place of death:   Philadelphia, Pa 
Place of burial:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,USA

Submitted by: Tammy (

If you had not Blessed us,
we would not have grown so much,
or laughed so much
or known so much.

If you had not Cared for us,
we would not have played so much,
or sang so much
or made so much of home.

Without your Presence in our lives,
we would not have known how loved so deeply,
or give so much.

Thank-you, for all you showed us,
for all you gave us,
for all you helped us create within ourselves.

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