Joseph C. Youngerman ✵ 1906-1995

Name at birth:  	 Joseph C. Youngerman 
Date of birth:  	 9-13-06 
Place of birth:  	 Chicago USA 
Date of death:  	 11-22-95 
Place of death:  	 Los Angeles USA 
Place of burial:  	 Hillside Memorial Los Angeles, CA USA

Submitted by: Chuck Warn (

Joe Youngerman died today, and Hollywood lost one of its greatest legends. He started out in the early 1920’s as a propman, and went on to become a distinguished assistant director for some of the greats: Wellman, Wyler, Mamoulian, DeMille, Lubitsch, & many more. He became chief executive of the Screen Directors Guild in 1950, and continued in that post for 27 years! Even after his retirement, he continued to go to his office at the Directors Guild of America every day up until a few months ago.

He was a tough man with aheart of gold. He is survived by Molly, his loving wife.

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