John Anthony Lara, III ✵ 1976-1996

John Anthony Lara

Name at birth:  John Anthony Lara, III
Date of birth:  1/10/76
Place of birth:  Austin, Texas
Date of death:  9/24/96
Place of death:  Bayfield, CO
Resting place:  Elgin Latin Cemetary, Elgin, Texas, USA
Submitted by:  Melody & Bret (




Welcome…in loving memory of John, a beautiful person doing the Lord’s work by helping others to understand Christianity. John was a missionary with the Calvary Church in Santa Ana, California. He went to Germany to help build stables, he went to Mexico and also walked the streets of Los Angeles to speak of his experience of what the Lord has done in his life and what he can do in their life. In doing this John has touched many lives all over the world and sustained friendships with all. John Lara was twenty years old. He had accomplished great things in the time that he shared with us here. He participated in athletics; he loved shooting hoops and track. He and his sweetheart, Kirsten brought a beautiful baby girl into this world. He would ask for a hug from his Dad for no reason, except to let my Dad know — “I appreciate you” He loved to play the guitar, play paintball games, hiking, camping and genealogy. My brother was awesome! He was always kind and loving and there for me when I needed him. John has made an impact on many people all over the world. And he is still making an impact on us now. John was murdered on September 24, 1996 in Bayfield, Colorado along with two of his life long friends and roommates. John moved to Bayfield a month before his death to start a group to help young adults at the Calvary Chapel there in Bayfield. We have set up a fund in memory of MY BROTHER. This fund is used to send teenagers on missions around the world, John, I’m sure, would have gone on every single mission if he had the money to do so. Please call or write to Calvary Church, 1010 N. Tustin Avenue, Santa Ana, California 92705. The phone number is 714-973-4800-Teen Ministry.

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