Jean Ann Smith Boomershine Lau ✵ 1933-2000

Jean Ann Smith Boomershine Lau

Name at birth:  Jean Ann Smith
Date of birth:  11/11/1933
Place of birth:  Warren, IN USA
Date of death:  08/07/2000
Place of death:  Warren, IN USA
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She was born 11/11/1933 to Bertine Sloan Smith and Eldon Lawrence Smith. She had 3 sisters and two brothers.

She graduated from Warren High School in 1951.

She was married for 7 years to Ronnie Boomershine and 2 years to Donald Louis Lau. Of the second marriage, she had two children, Kathryn Ann, born 1962 and William Curtis, born 1963.

She worked as a waitress and cook at the truck stop in Warren, IN for many years and worked for 8 1/2 years in the 70s to early 80’s at Corning Glass Works in Bluffton, IN.

Her passion was crocheting, which she was proficient at even when her eyesight started failing.

She was diagnosed with liver cancer in April, 2000 and died 8/7/00 of it, 3 days before my son’s 7th birthday, but she left behind a M & M’s minis container of quarters for him to celebrate it with one of her friends.

Although she did not have much and lived on disability for over 10 years, she always had something special for her grandson, Kyle, whether it be a goody out of cereal box, a few pieces of candy in an old peanut butter jar, or a cutout from a picture of a magazine. Much to my chagrin, she always let him bang on all her pots and pans and build a fort out of her cat food cans (she was known as the “cat lady”…she had usually 5 to 25 cats at any one time that she fed).

Jean Ann Smith Boomershine LauShe was adamant about not being buried and wanted to be cremated and did not want people viewing her body and being sad, so when she did pass, instead of a showing, we had pictures of her with her grandchildren and of my brother and I when we were young, artwork she had done in her teens, and a wide array of her wonderful crotchet work.
As she requested, her ashes were scattered over her grandmother’s grave (Violet Sloan, who died of breast cancer when she was very young) and instead of a grave stone, had a memorial brick made up at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Fort Wayne, IN in front of a bench near a “frog pond” where children frolic and play all summer. She would have loved that.

God bless, you, Mom!

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