Henry Leopold Otto Kuhn ✵ 1870-1941

Name at birth:    Henry Leopold Otto Kuhn 
Date of birth:    December 12, 1870 
Place of birth:   Newark, NJ, USA 
Date of death:    November 28, 1941 
Place of death:   Newark, NJ, USA 
Place of burial:  Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ, USA

Submitted by: Anonymous

Husband of Ida Frances Kuhn, father of Mary Louise Whitehead and Margaret Estelle Debus. “Although he is no longer with us, his memories will remain forever in our hearts.”

Visitors & Flowers

Ida Frances Platts Kuhn ✵ 1870-1939 (wife)

Margaret Estelle Debus ✵ 1899-1941 (daughter)