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Gerald Hannon (

01 June, 2005
Remembering your cure for warts. Rub the warts with a piece of pork fat, and bury the pork fat in the back yard. When the fat disappears, so will the warts. I had a lot of warts on my hands as a kid, and we did this, and it worked. I had another wart a few months ago, rubbed it with a piece of fat from a pork chop, burried the pork fat in one of my plant pots (don’t have a back yard anymore), and the wart went away. Mom knew everything.

01 June, 2004
Spoke with Rita yesterday. The physical flowers from John and me and David haven’t arrived yet. But these have. We don’t forget.

“John Hannon” (
26 August, 2003
Hardly a day goes by, that Liz and I don’t think of you… the good times; the trips we took together; childhood memories; and especially your sense of humor!! Miss you…

Gerald Hannon (
02 June, 2003
A year now, mom. Is it selfish, egotistical, to think how much of me went with you?

20 March, 2003
Mom, keep thinking of you in the oddest ways. Sometimes it’s about that dress business you tried to run. Today it was about having to take cod liver oil. And our doing crossword puzzles for prizes, and I think it was called Cashwords. Never won though. But we came so close.

Chris Lea (
26 July, 2002
Bye, Yvonne, and thanks for being such a great hostess (with Rita) when I visited you in Crystal Beach. Thanks too for the gift that is your son Gerald. Your spirit lives on in him. – Chris Lea


Yvonne Hannon

80th Birthday with Family


At a family gathering for her 80th birthday. Back row, left to right: Daughter-in-law Donna Hannon, her son Trevor Hannon, her husband David Hannon, his brother John Hannon. Front row: Yvonne’s partner Rita Theriault (holding Maggie), Corrine Hannon (daughter of David and Donna), Yvonne, Liz Hannon (John’s wife).






Yvonne Hannon

With grandchildren Trevor and Corrine Hannon.

Yvonne Hannon

With eldest son Gerald Hannon