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2 June 2024

Happy Birthday, Waddell. Always in our hearts.

Love, Aunt Jean

23 August 2023

We miss you, Waddell.

Love, Aunt Jean

2 June 2023

Happy Birthday, Waddell. Remembering all the joy of this day.

Love, Aunt Jean

23 August 2022

Missing you, Waddell.

Love, Aunt Jean

2 June 2022

Happy Birthday, Waddell. You’re always in our hearts.

Aunt Jean

23 August 2021

You’re forever in our hearts.

Love, Aunt Jean

2 June 2021

Happy Birthday, Waddell. We miss you.

Aunt Jean

23 August 2020

We miss you and think of you often. Forevever in our hearts. Love, Aunt Jean

2 June 2002


On this day your birthday my heart bleed to be close to you. Special prayers were said for you. Well wishes and pleasant words were said about you this day keeping your spirit alive. You’ll always remain in the forefront of my thoughts I’ll never let your spirit die. I love you son.

Love Always, Mom

2 June 2002

Waddell, HAPPY BIRTHDAY On this day which would have been your twenty-seventh birthday, I miss you so much. You are forever in my mind and heart. I love you son, always. You’re never to far that we can’t still chat. My life can never be the same without you. You are a good son Waddell, aways.

Love, Mom

12 May 2002

Waddell, With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching us my thoughts are heavy with you. I feel you son stronger than ever these days. I know you’re near I truly feel you son. You are never far from my heart. Everything I do is with you in mind. I can still see that brilliant smile. Boy do I miss you! Mother’s Day just isn’t the same without you. Love, Mom

30 March 2002

Happy Easter Son,On this Easter Sunday my thoughts are with you and dad. You know that this is the day that Jesus did his Passover to be with his father. I love you son so much and my heart is still aching for you.

Love, Mom

30 December, 2001
Happy New Years! I believe that this will be a year to remember more so than any other year without you. A year of constant change as well as lessons to be learned. I love you son. Love, Mom

29 December, 2001
As we bring in the New Year my heart is heavy with thoughts of you. Lately you have been constantly on my mind more than usual. I miss you so much son. Another year without you is not a thought that I’m relishing. I know this is a year of a lot of change for me. Sometimes I wonder how in the world do I make it daily without you? You know you were my world. Happy New Year Son! Love, Mom

20 December, 2001
During this Christmas season you are forever on my mind. Family and friends have been talking about you quite a bit. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to hear about your little antics when you were younger. You were a true miracle and I am proud to be your Mom. I’m looking forward to the new year so that I can begin doing some of the things that we had discussed. Your dreams are inside of me too, I will never forget them. I love you Son. Love, Mom

21 November, 2001
Another Thanksgiving is amongst us again. I can’t believe the year has gone by so quickly. Keeping with our tradition I was at our usual meeting place today saying special prayers and feeling close to you. I miss you son so much, and you are always in the forefront of my mind. As I stood in the cemetery noticing how barren the trees look without there leaves I thought how poignant my heart feels barren without you here beside me. I love you son always. You were my dream come true. Love, Mom

20 August, 2001
My Dear Son,
I love you so much. On we know the kind of relationship that we had, late night talks about everything yet nothing. I miss your teasing and the bass of your laughter. The simple things seem to stand out in my mind. Things that I love to stare at, for example; your eyebrows and the whiteness of your teeth. I long for you daily just to catch a sent of your essences would do my heart wonders. I want nothing more than to hold you close in my arms. This time of year only sadden me because I lost the most precious gift bestowed to me. You are forever in my heart. Love,Mom

10 August, 2001
Waddell, Marking your third year anniversary on this August 23rd. only saddened my heart. I thought with time that these anniversary dates would become more endurable. How wrong I was, my heart is burden and more heavy with grief than ever before. I guess that goes to prove that their are no substitutes for the real thing. Only joy will come once we are reunited. The understanding of why the good go young will be a source of contentment. I love you son and I’m always humbly grateful that you were a part of my life. You Waddell made my life whole, I loved nothing more than being your Mom. You son are forever in my heart. Love, Mom
03 August, 2001
Dear Waddell,
The passage of time has not made me think of you less often. I can still hear your voice and your laughter. I can still see your handsome face. You were a shining light while you were here on earth — to your family, to your friends, and to all who met you. I love you and miss you very much.
Aunt Jean
23 July, 2001
On this day July 23rd, one month before your three year anniversary my heart is so heavily burden with missing you. You are forever in my heart and in the forefront of the family’s mind. When I was at the cemetery today and crying so uncontrollably I felt your presents. At that precise moment a steady rain began to pour. We knew instinctively that it was you crying along with us. Our little family longing to be together again. Life certainly hasn’t been the same without you. I go on daily cause I wake up daily. You were such a major part of my life. I still miss that boyish smile of yours. I love you son. Love Mom
20 May, 2001
On this JUNE 2nd my thoughts turn to you as they do every year at this time. We love you and miss you. There will always be a place in my heart for you. You can never be replaced. I miss you and think of you often. You were such a comfort and joy to your family. God bless you!
Love, Aunt Jean
01 June, 2001
On this day June 2nd which marks your 26th birthday my heart grieves like always. You are always in my heart and thoughts. Though you have been gone now a couple of years it seems like yesterday that I was holding you in my arms. I miss you so much son. You will always live in my heart. Love, Mom

07 April, 2001
This Easter season has me longing for you as always. As you well know there has been so much going on in my life. Thanks for being the angel on my shoulder. I certainly felt you during those most trying times. I love you son. I’m sure granddad thanks you for all of your support. You live in my heart and thoughts always. Love, Mom

18 December, 2000
On this Christmas Day you are still right here as always nestled in your mother’s heart. I miss you so much son. I can’t even imagine how I have made it this long without you. I remember how much you always enjoyed Christmas as a little person. The joy in your heart and the excitement in your eyes made every gift worthwhile. I miss shopping for you. I miss your smile, and the sound of your voice. You are very much loved. Love, Mom

23 November, 2000
Happy Thanksgiving Son,
On this day your twenty-seventh month of departure, this holiday is still painful as ever to spend without you. I can’t help but to smile when I ask myself what do I have to be thankful about on this Thanksgiving Day which also marks your anniversary date. What immediately comes to mind is the thought of how grateful and truly blessed I am to have had you as a part of my life. You have taught me so much about loving and caring for others in your unique and special ways. I miss our long confabs and your bright sunny smile. Waddell you are always in the forefront of my mind and I carry you forever in my heart. Love Always, Your Mom

23 August, 2000
On this the second year that you made your transition it seems harder yet to accept that you are truly gone. I’ve spent just about everyday at the cemetery this month reminiscing about you & me and the closeness we’ve shared. That my son hasn’t changed. I still don’t want to believe that that you are never coming back to your mother’s arms. They are just not the same without you to hold. I only wish that we can once again be reunited. Life is just going through the motions without you. You are forever in my mind, heart, soul and spirit. Your essence is the fiber I rely on just to make it through the day. I love you son. Love, Mom
21 August, 2000
Hi Waddell. This is your cousin Jamere I miss and love you very much!!!!!
17 August, 2000
I love you Waddell: Aunt Shani Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: ‘for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou annointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

15 August, 2000
Love and Peace: Aunt Shani
13 August, 2000
It seems that the month of August rolls around so quickly. It will forever be a painful month for me since it was the month you made your transition. I miss you deeply and think of you often.
Love, Aunt Jean
29 June, 2000
Hi, Love!
As usual I am thinking about you. I know that is a big shock. I still miss you and I still and always will LOVE you. Don’t doubt that for a second. I do however feel a little guilty for not visiting you but I have been having problems including surgery with a possible second surgery coming up. I need you right now. I know you watch over me and I LOVE you for that. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXOXOXOXI LOVE YOU, JAYXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO TARA
22 June, 2000
This is marking the twenty-second month of your transition. I can’t believe that this much time has passed already. It seems like only yesterday you were in my arms. You are always in my thoughts as well as being close in my heart. I am so very lonely for your presents’ and their is simple no substitute for you. I love you son.
Love, Mom
25 May, 2000
Happy Birthday, Waddell!
Oh how I wish you were here so I could wish you a happy birthday in person! On this your 25th birthday the pain is just as great; we don’t miss you any less.
But my fond and joyful memories of you and remembering how much you enjoyed celebrations of all kinds will warm my heart and make me smile on your birthday.
We miss you and love you.
Love, Aunt Jean
31 May, 2000
Happy Birthday Son,
Waddell, this would have been your twenty-fifth birthday. I miss you this year more than last. It is hard to phathom another year without you. You however, remain nestled in my heart. I’m grateful for the timed we shared, but I shelfishly wanted more. It breaks a mother’s heart to loose a son that she loves so much. I still wish for a speedy reuniting for us. You have brought me such joy and my life hasn’t been the same without you. All my thoughts focus around you. I LOVE YOU SON!!! Love, Mom

13 May, 2000
On this Mother’s Day I miss you more than words can express. You are never far from my heart. I miss us being together on this day, you know you always made it so special for me. I love you son. Love, Mom

20 April, 2000
As we enter this Easter Sunday you are forever on my mind. As you mark your twentieth month of transition, I couldn’t help but notice it is on Easter Sunday. This is the same day the bible says Jesus ascended into heaven. I think of you constantly and my arms ache to hold you. It is still hard for me to conceive that you are truly gone. You will however never be gone from my heart.
03 April, 2000
Hi, Sweetie!
I finally found the website and I am so happy. I can now leave you notes and such without someone moving them or leave you flowers without someone throwing them around. I still miss you SO MUCH. It is hard to beleive it will be 2 years in August. It doesn’t seem that long ago to me. I have good days, bad days but mostly I have okay days. I wish I could help your mother. She has helped me more than she knows. talking to her helps me although I do not think I return that. But I do hope I help at least a little. I Love You, JAY!!!!!!!
I Love You, Always,
06 January, 2000
Happy New Years Son,
As we enter this new millennium you are never far from my heart. I miss you as much as ever. You were certainly not forgotten by the family during the holiday season. My thoughts are always with you. You are the stars that sparkle in my eyes now when I speak of you. I love you so dearly son and just thinking about you brings me joy and a sense of contentment. Yet I still long to hold you close to my heart for you will always be my baby.
Love, Mom
11 December, 1999
Christmas just isn’t the same without you. I miss hearing your laughter. Merry Christmas.
Love, Aunt Jean
25 November, 1999
As we enter into this new holiday season, my heart grieves for you today more than ever. I know we made a promise that no matter where we were in life that we would always spend Thanksgiving together. I think of you everyday, but especially today. I really don’t feel like I have a lot to be Thankful for but I am grateful for the twenty-three years we shared. I’ll see you at the cemetery so that we will spend our Thanksgiving together as promised. I tried so hard not to cry today, I suppose I’m not strong enough yet. I love you son. Love always, Mom

23 August, 1999
Today marks one year since you made your transition. It is difficult to believe a year has passed by so quickly. You are forever in my heart and prayers Exactly one year today you made your transition. You have touched and changed the lives of many. I have talked with many people who have shared how you touched their lives so profoundly. You are a good son (Jay.) You have been a mother’s dream come true. You were always loved and always wanted. That’s why it is difficult to understand why you had to leave so soon. I do believe that one day we will all be reunited. I live for that day. I also believe that mom has taken you under her wings. You are greatly loved and missed son, I do believe that you are in heaven. Until we meet again and are united as one you will remain forever in my heart. Love, Mom
22 August, 1999
Waddell, on this the first anniversary of the day you said good-bye for the final time, I find myself thinking about you, about the joy you brought those of us who loved you, and it warms my heart. We may never know why you were taken away so soon but I feel very thankful that we have many fond memories of you. You were one of a kind and you will always live in our hearts and memories.
31 July, 1999
You are constantly on my mind. I can’t stop thinking about you or stop missing you. You are the love of my life and I will never let your spirit die. Even though we are coming upon the one year anniversary date of your death I still can’t believe that you are truly gone. My life has been like walking through a cloud. All that has happen in this pass year seems so unreal. My constant prayer is to be able to join you. I still want to look out for you, comfort, and care for you. I want you to always know that you are dearly loved. Forever in my heart, Mom

23 June, 1999
Today marks the tenth month of our separation. It is still a very painful living without you. I will never let your spirit die. You live in my heart forever. I’m sit at my computer at the time of your death ten months ago. I love you Waddell more than ever I miss you so much. I’m trying to be strong until we can meet again. Love, Mom

19 June, 1999
The days are very difficult without you. I didn’t realize how big a part you played in my life. I find myself constantly thinking about you. Often it brings tears to my eyes, because you are missed so dearly. Other times I smile because you were such a joy in my world. I never want your spirit to die. I still can’t help praying for your well-being and safety. I love you son. Mom

04 June, 1999
Your birthday was such a special occasion for me at the time of your birth I was standing at your mausoleum. I love you son and miss you. This is the first birthday we ever had to spend apart. You will forever be in my heart. Love always, Mom
31 May, 1999
Waddell, today (June 2) would have been your 24th birthday. We wish you were here so we could share it with you. We love and miss you. Happy birthday, Waddell.
Happy 24th Birthday, Waddell. We love you.
Aunt Jean

14 April, 1999
To my loving son who is forever in my heart. I miss you terribly.
Love Your Mom,