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Steve Elliott (
21 June, 2007
Momma passed away Friday, June 15th, 2007. It hurts so bad. Dad burried her head to head with you at Memorial Park. I know you’d like that. Everything was just as she’d have liked it. She was so loved. I’ll get up to see you both soon.

Sue Podorski (
26 August, 2005

19 January, 2005
Just a note to let you know I have not forgot. You are loved and missed today as you were on this day 14 years ago. It has gotten easier but it’s still the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. Everyone says hi and we all love you very, very much.

26 August, 2004
Do do do do do do, they say it’s your birthday. Do do do do do do, we’re gonna have a good time!! Happy birthday Daddy!! It’s me, your little bouncing baby girl, Sue. WOW! 90 years young and going strong. Where does the time go??? Well, Tom and I got re-hitched on June 19th. The ceremony was beautiful and your granddaughters looked soooo pretty and the grandsons were very handsome. Jim and Jon walked me down the aisle for you and Steve officiated (the three of them looked very handsome also). We set a place of honor for you at our table complete with a picture of you and me together, all the sugar you could possibly need for your coffee and you even got dealt a royal straight flush! You were very missed but your essence was very present. Tom and I wrote our vows and I was told there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I bet you would have even got a little misty eyed. It was truly the most wonderful day of my life. I’m so glad you liked Tom, he has been such a wonderful husband, father and grandfather all these years. BTW..he told me to tell you “happy birthday”. Well Daddy, I’ve got to get some work done. I will e-mail you again soon. I love you.

Sue Podorski (
26 August, 2003
Hey Birthday Boy!! I told you I was going home to email you. So what are you today…39?? πŸ™‚ Age really is a state of mind, you were living proof of that. And I am proud to say that I am following in your footsteps. You din’t act like an adult and by God neither will I. Not much has been happening, Tom and I are doing great, the grandkids and great grandkids are all fine. I’m still telling the stories and they remember. Man, can you believe that Tom and I will be married 25 years next June!?!? Did ya ever think we’d see the day. I guess I needed more practice than most. I’m so glad you really liked this one. We are going to renew our vows with a small ceremony and reception next summer. Since you have never given me away, I’m going to ask Jim & Jon to do the honors in your place. Steve is going to officiate. Actually it’s going to be a big party for the grandkids, complete with new clothes, flowers, food, karaoke, caricature artists and limo rides. I decided against the ponies. πŸ™‚ All kidding aside, I am very fortunate to have found Tom and he has taken very good care of your little girl. Well, gotta run. Happy birthday again, I love you.

16 June, 2003
Hi Daddy,
Just wanted to wish you a happy belated Father’s Day. We went to Jeff City to visit Steven and his family, they all said hi. I love you and still miss you.
08 January, 2002
Merry belated Christmas Daddy and a Happy New Year!! I’ve only got a second but I just wanted to touch base with you. Our Christmas was very nice,we had all three boys here and ALL 8 grandkids here at one time :-O They’re getting sooooo big. Devin turned 10 in October, Trystin 9 in November, Lyndsey 8 in December and Thomas will be 7 next Sunday. We’re planning on a trip to Quincy for his party. Well, gotta run….Love from all of us to you.

26 August, 2001
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DADDY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. )))crowd roars((((. Wow! 87 years old! That’s pretty old! It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by, I still can’t believe you’ve been gone for 10 already. This year for your birthday, Donna and I went to the boat, seemed fitting enough since that is where you probably would have been. I didn’t fare to well but Donna won about $300.00 We could feel your presence all around us. Too bad you couldn’t have held on a while longer, ya don’t even have to fly to Vegas anymore!! Aunt Gracie died last January, the 17th. Almost exactly 10 years from you, spooky! And by the way, you’re very welcome. For what you ask?? For making sure she didn’t get buried on top of you, that’s what. It was one of the few things left that I could do for you, I knew you’d hate it if she was there. Well, Dad, gotta run….it’s Powerball number time!! The jackpot is over $200 MILLION and it’s got Tom’s and my name written all over it. Love from all of us to you.

19 January, 2001
Hi Daddy! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years today since you left us. So much have happened, but then you already know don’t you. I’ve felt your presence all day. I wish you could have stayed with us.
Everyone is still doing fine and your great-grandkids are getting bigger everyday. Devin, Trystin, Lyndsey and Thomas have heard some stories about you (and Uncle Harry too!), I tell them so that they can have an opportunity to know you in a way. They love the “penis” one and can’t wait to grow up so that they can hear the whole story. LOL πŸ™‚ Tom just said, “Tell the old fart that we miss him!”.
Well, Pops, we have to go pick up some of the kids for a weekend visit. I love you, miss you and always will.

Sue Podorski (
30 August, 2000
Happy belated birthday Daddy!! I crashed my hard drive and couldn’t visit that day. Jim & Tina had a girl on June 02, 2000….Victoria Rose Tedeschi, named after me and her other grandmother. We are all doing well, although the heat has been pretty bad. I found out awhile back that Velma got remarried, to some guy at the lake. She always said she never would…go figure. I guess Jerri and I can kiss everything good-bye; too bad, I always wanted a chance at the lake house. Oh well, I guess it’ll go to the boys like everything else. I’m not bitter Dad….I just wanted the house πŸ™‚ My mother died in April, nobody told me until the end of May….god, I love the closeness this family has!! And Freddie too, July of 1998…..I still haven’t been told about him!! I’m so glad you chose DePaul. LOL Well, gotta run….I’ll be going to your place on Labor Day weekend, got something for you. I love you and miss you.

19 January, 2000
I woke up this morning not feeling well but really couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with me. As I laid there in bed trying to go back to sleep it occurred to me why I was feeling so gloomy… it was 9 years ago today that I lost you Daddy, isn’t it strange how the mind works.
We are all well; Jim and his wife Tina are pregnant again, due in June, Steven and his family moved to Jefferson City, made us very happy, Jon is FINALLY home for good and is living with us, and all your great-grandkids are doing wonderful. I think your favorite would have been Trystin…..she is so much a Peiffer!!
I don’t remember if I told you but I got another tattoo. This one was for you, I think you would like it. Now, as when you were alive, you are always on my butt!! πŸ™‚
I love you……….~Sue

13 December, 1998
After almost 8 years it’s still hard to believe you’re gone Daddy. I miss you so very much. So much has happened but I guess you know don’t you. I wish your great-grandkids could have met you, I tell them about you all the time. Remember we love you and miss you with all our hearts.