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Roman Krajchi (
30 May, 1999
I am leaving flowers for Rodney Lenord Jameison, he along with my mother was deaf. I have started a monument for her also. She was Valedictorian at Belleville and went to Galladet. Making the possibility that they could’ve met. Some of the greatest people are deaf. And Rodney shows that. And to Mark who put in his name. Thank you. and if anyone has any questions my e-mail is (THIS ISN’T MINE). Thank you Sasha Alynne Mair daughter of SHARON ALYNNE MAIR.

Kurt Gottwald (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996

Thank you for having lived your vision.

Larry or Linda Walton (
Mon, 24 July 1995

Laughter cannot mask a heavy heart. When the laughter ends, the grief remains.

“Brian A. Jarvis”
Mon, 1 Jan 1996

Rod was both my teacher and my friend. He guided me through three courses at the Canadian Hearing Society, lead the Toronto Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf in Toronto when I first joined and helped me navigate both the language and the culture of the Deaf. Rod also helped me through difficult times and was unflagging in his support. I only wish I had told him when I had the chance how much I valued him and appreciated his support and friendship. Rod, I miss you.