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08 May, 2007
For SSgt York….the best of the best. God bless him and his family.

“Kevin Johnson” (
06 March, 2004
Richard is my brother and is missed very deeply not just by me but by many.

“Skip Holstein” (
09 October, 2001
It’s nice to see a spot for reflecting on friends long gone. Rich was my best friend for most of my military career. There is not a day goes past that I don’t think of him. He was a great person and a good friend. Skip Holstein
SFC (Ret) US Army

Joyce Follot (
03 March, 2000
These flowers are for Richard Frances York because he served our country.

24 September, 1998
today I was leaving flowers for my brother. and I would like to leave flowers for someone who defended our country. may god bless you.