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03 February, 2000
I bring you roses… deep red and fragrant… I lay them carefully down because the dew is still upon them. I pray that God in his mercy gives your family and loved ones comfort. And I hope that you have met my darling nephew, Micah.
04 January, 2000
Karin is my sister, and I already had the idea to provide her with her own Internet-space – she would have loved it, and I can hear her saying: “Das ist so cool!” Unfortunately, I never had the inner strength to do that. Finally, today a friend told me about Karin’s place here, and I came to visit her. Words can not express what I felt when I actually saw that people care. Thank U everyone for carying, I definitely know that Karin is able to read this and to feel your sorrow. As for me, words can not express how incredibly hurt I still am… Karin was the most wonderful person one can imagine, she was like the sun, donating warmth and deepest emotions to everyone she loved. And there were so many people she gave her love to, because she had plenty of it, her heart was basically full of that and nothing else. Never was she mean to anyone, on contraire, she loved even those who tended to hurt her – and I always tried to protect her from that. But I failed, and now I have to live with her loss for the rest of my life, desperately hoping that one day I will see her again.
Hab Dich lieb, Karin – Deine Schwester Flori

14 November, 1998
I would like to leave some flowers for the rememberance of Karin Goanta. It was such a loss to the world that we lose friends and lovers when they are in their prime. To Stefan, I say a prayer and wish him well. FROM STUART IN SCOTLAND. I LOST MY FIRST WIFE LORNA WHEN SHE DIED AGED 23,TEN YEARS AGO I AM NOW 33 THE SADNESS IS STILL THERE BUT MY NEW WIFE GILLIAN GIVES ME ALL THE LOVE ON EARTH AND I KNOW LORNA GIVES ME ALL HER LOVE IN HEAVEN BE STRONG.

Diane Ditto (
06 April, 1998
I so sorry for your loss of Karin, may God Bless you and Keep you!

Mystify/Klaus (
25 January, 1998
Ich ließ meinen Engel lange nicht los, und er verarmte mir in den Armen und wurde klein, und ioch wurde groß: und auf einmal war ich das Erbarmen, und er eine zitternde Bitte bloß. Einen geliebten menschen zu verlieren, ja das ist sehr schwer. Ich fühle mit dir, wünsche dir, viel Kraft !

Christian (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996

bin zufällig auf diese Seite geraten. ganz schön schwer etwas zu schreiben, auszudrücken. ich hoffe, du hast weiterhin kraft, das durchzustehen. ich kenne keinen von euch. aber: mache etwas aus deinem leben! das ist auch im sinne der verstorbenen!

alles gute,

Jan Mickelson (
Fri, 03 May 1996

I’m so sorry to hear of the tragic accident involving Karin. I’m sure you miss her very much. Please accept these flowers as a token of my sympathy. There are no flowers that can compare with the beauty of those she enjoys right now.

Jan Mickelson
South Bend, Indiana, USA