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“Norman Brooks” (
27 October, 2000
I do miss you so much Mom. Seems you were taken so quickly, and there seemed so much more time for us both to enjoy life and each other’s company that just was lost. You were the best, and still are. Sure hope where-ever you are you are at peace. I love you so very much.
19 March, 1999
Remembering our special bond, Leslie

“Norman A. Brooks” (
11 March, 1999
A planet, no a universe, of gardenias for you. I’ll make them pink and lavender – they’re yours! To the only real person I’ve met in the world so far – I miss you Mom and dear friend. You were the world to me, and to this day still are. You showed, and demonstrated, true love and appreciation of the world and life – you were, and still are, a gem! Wished I had a follicle of your hair, so that some future generation could duplicate your gene, and you could again share your presence with the world. May sound stupid, but the world could do with you back in it again. Wherever your are now I whole-heartedly hope that you have total peace and fulfillment – that is all I could EVER wish. Know that the world is so much a dimmer place without your beautiful smile.
I love you so much,
Your Son-Norm