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29 May 2021

Loving you always, Dad. Continue to remember us in your prayers.


12 January 2021

In loving memory on your birthday, Dad!

We have enjoyed our memories of you, Dad, over this Christmas season, and on into this new year. You are in our thoughts and close at heart always. Continue to remember us in your prayers.

Loving you always,
Cathy xoxoxo

25 July 2020

In Loving Memory

Thinking of you and mom, dad, on your 73rd wedding anniversary. Continue to remember us in your loving prayers.


30 May 2020

In Loving Memory

Loving you always, Dad. Thinking of you today – 23 years missed and continuously cherished.

Francis Norman Gotro
Dad at 17


12 January 2020

Happy Birthday, Dad! Loving you always.

Cathy xoxo

29 May 2019

Loving you always, Dad –

Cathy xox

14 February 2019

Thinking of you today Dad and sending love from all of us here.

We continue to share all of our memories when we are together. It keeps you alive in our worlds and very close to us. Continue to remember us in your prayers. You are loved.

Cathy and Family xoxo

12 January 2019

Dad and Me

Dad and Me

In loving memory on your 102nd birthday, Dad. You are close at heart, today and always.

Love, Cathy xoxoxo

Catherine Harding

12 January 2018

Rembering you on your “one hundred and first birthday”, Dad. Close at heart always, Cathy xo

29 May 2017

Thinking of you, Dad – 20 years and still loving and missing you – always close at heart

Cathy xo

13 January 2017

Thinking of you on you 100th birthday, Dad (January 12, 2017) – Loving you always,

Cathy xoxo

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas, Dad – Love, Cathy

12 January 2016

Thinking of you on your birthday, Dad.

Loving you always,

Cathy xoxo

1 January 2016 Flower #4

As we begin this new year, we are remembering you with love, Dad. You are in our hearts and thoughts always.

Our love and memories,

Cathy, Reg, Mark and great granddaughter, Aliese Francis


[Catherine Harding]

25 May 2015

Loving you always, Dad – Cathy, Mark and Reg xoxoxo

16 June 2013

We are thinking of you today on Father’s Day, Dad. Sending lots and lots of love to heaven!
Loving you always,

Cathy, Mark and Reg

29 May 2013

It is 16 years today, Dad, that you said farewell to all of us. We continue to think of you and remember our treasured family times. You are as close as our minds and hearts.
In loving memory,

Cathy, Reg and Mark

31 March 2013

Original flower

Sending flowers to our loving father and grandfather at Easter. Loving you always, Dad. Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Cathy, Reg and Mark xxxooo

12 January 2013

Happy 96th Birthday, Dad!!
We are thinking of you today, Dad, on your 96th birthday. What a gift to the world when you were born on January 12, 1917. So many people were blessed by your presence. As your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, we continue to be blessed by your presence in the universe and in our memories. We love you! Continue to remember us in your prayers.
Happy Birthday.
Loving you always,

Daughter Cathy, Reg and Mark

29 December, 2012

In loving memory of our dear father, grandfather and great grandfather. We are all thinking of you, dad, at Christmas time and all through the year. How special it is for all of us to come together at Christmas time and retell old stories about our happy times spent with you. We know that you and mom and Do-Do are caring for us in your way. We feel your love surrounding us always. God bless you all. Please continue to remember us in your prayers. Merry Christmas, dad.
Loving you always,
Daughter Cathy, Reg and Mark
xxxxx oooooooo

29 May, 2012
Thinking of you with love, dad.
Forever dear to our hearts and loving you always,
Cathy, Reg and Mark

11 January, 2012
It is your birthday tomorrow, Dad – January 12th. You will be celebrating with mom and Do-Do in heaven. You will be 95 years old! WOW! Doesn’t time go by in a wink?? We continue to think of you with so much love. Yesterday, I had to have some surgery done and was feeling quite anxious. On my way home from the doctor’s last week, and then yesterday morning on the way to the hospital, I was given two gifts. I am certain that both gifts were from you and mom with a lot of Do-Do there, too. There was a huge huge rainbow behind me as I drove home last week from my pre op appointment, and yesterday on our way to the hospital, the sun coming up was absolutely brilliant!! I remember mom and I seeing an enormous rainbow after you died. It was so incredible. Mom said it was a gift from you letting us know that you were safely home. And then when mom passed, Dinny and Reg and I saw a brilliant sunrise following mom’s death. We must have watched for a half hour as mom was so beautifully taken to heaven. When she reached her destination, there was a massive burst of colour! We knew that mom was safely home. Such incredible experiences both times. Thank you (and mom, too) for sending me such positive energy at a time when I was feeling so afraid. You continue to be with me always providing me with the strength and wisdom I always knew you for. As long as you are with me, dad, I know I will be A Okay!! I love you. Happy Birthday to you. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers.
Loving you always,
Cathy xxxxxx

13 January, 2011
Thinking of you today on your birthday, Dad. We continue to keep you close at heart.
Loving you always,
Cathy, Mark and Reg

22 March, 2008
Hi, Dad! It’s been about a year since I dropped by. How’s it going? Things are still pretty bad down here, but I suppose that depends on the attitude at any given moment (smile). Can’t complain. Shouldn’t complain. Mom’s doing okay. She’s had a couple of falls. All that running around in circles, I guess. She had one eye operated on this week to remove a cataract. The surgery went well and she can see better than I can. She is still able to walk fairly well and gets herself around in her walker on her own. She’s really a wonderful, gentle lady that everyone at the Manor and elsewhere loves. Me? Oh, I guess I’m doing okay. Wondering if I should carry on teaching. I’m feeling like I’d like to do something else. Great class this year, though. Just too busy with too much to do. Reg is doing fine and so is Marcus. I sure miss you, Dad. Happy Easter. I love you so much. Continue to keep me in your prayers. I seem to be needing them a lot lately.
I love you.
Your daughter, Cathy XXXXX

18 May, 2007
Hi, Dad! With the help of Gerald Hannon, we are all able to access your page again and leave message for you from all of us!! I continue to talk with you all the time, especially when something strikes me funny, when I need strength, when I just need to. It will be 10 years on May 29th that you said “So long!” to all of us and this world. It’s a mess down here, but I suppose you know that. But…..even in the middle of the big world mess, there is a lot of great things happening. Mom turned 85 on May 16th. She has had some hard times this year, but she has come back and is doing well now. She talks about you all the time and of course misses you very much. We all miss you, dad. Things just aren’t the same without you in our lives. I hope you are well wherever you are, that you’re winning at the “race track” in the sky, that you are continuing to write and keep those “politicians” on their toes. It’s getting warm now and I’m looking forward to the end of the school year to just rest and be for awhile. Great class this year. No complaints.
Love you so much.
Your daughter, Cathy

25 July, 2004
Hello, Dad. Today is July 25th. It would be yours and mom’s 57th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversay. Mom is doing well. You are in our hearts each and every day. I love you, Dad. Remember me in your prayers. Love, Cathy.

20 June, 2004
Hello, Dad. Today is Father’s Day and I am thinking about you with love. What special memories I have of you. I think of you in happy times, sad times, times that little things come up which remind me of you–a certain piece of music, a laugh, a mannerism in one of your grandchildren. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day. Please remember me in your prayers. Love always, Cathy.

29 May, 2004
Hello, Dad. Today is May 29th, 2004. It is seven years now since you completed your journey here with all of us. We hope that your new life, your new journey is equally rewarding for you. We continue to miss you very much, but there are so many times, Dad, that I feel you and hear you. A certain smell, a piece of music, a favorite flower…. so many things remind me of you and bring you close once again. Things are good with us. Mom is doing fine and talks of you so often and with so much love. The grandchildren are all getting to be so grown up. Mark will be going to Korea for a month in August to teach. He still reminds me so much of you. He has so much of you in him. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you today and that I reminded myself of how blessed I was to have you for such a long time as my Dad. I love you now and always… Cathy.

“Reg” (
01 January, 2004
Hello, Dad. Here we all are once again celebrating another year wisely (hopefully) well-spent and a new year on the horizon. It has been a year filled with many successes and many blessings. You have been dear to our hearts each and every day of 2003 and will remain with us through all of the days ahead. We send you all our love at Christmas and New Year’s and ask you kindly to continue remembering us in your prayers. We love you dearly. Cathy, Reg and Mark..XXX OOO
01 January, 2004
Hi, dad. We are all thinking of you on this New Year’s Day, 2004. We all remember all of the special Christmas times spent together and send you our love and our prayers. Please remember all of us in your prayers. God bless you, Dad. Happy New Year from your family.

“Reg” (
13 October, 2003
Hello, Dad. It’s Cathy here. Your yellow chrysanthemums are blooming once again. I always feel that you are saying “Hello” to me this time of year when they come out in bloom. I am thinking of you today, “Thanksgiving” day. I am grateful for your presence in my life–past and even now. Please remember us in your prayers. I love you.

21 September, 2003
Hello, Dad. I am sending your way flowers of love and remembrance. Please keep me in your prayers. Mom is fine and continues to talk of you so often and with so much love. I miss you and wish you were here to talk to. Mark and Reg also send their love. Mark really is quite a “chip off the old block!” He reminds me so much of his grandpa. I love you, dad. Cathy

“Eric and Rosie” (
10 August, 2003
Dear dad:
Life is a beautiful garden; an ever growing thing where thoughtfulness and kindness bloom like flowers in the spring. I love you dad. Your daughter Patty Kaye.

09 August, 2003
Hello Grandpa, it’s Rosie here. I was thinking of you today and wishing that I could talk to you. I remember when I was little and we used to come visit you and Grandma, you used to always give me a loonie and tell me not to tell my mom. You really were a wonderful person. I miss you and I know that wherever you are, you are watching over all of your loved ones. It must be beautiful there. Take care. Love Rosie.

“CHarding” (
05 April, 2003
Hello, Dad. It is April 2003 now. I am sending flowers of remembrance from Reg, Mark and I. Thoughts of you remain with me always. Please keep us all in your prayers. Love, Cathy.

29 May, 2002
Hello, Dad. I am thinking of you today and have been every day since you left us five years ago now, May 29th, 1997. My love is with you. Please remember me in your prayers. Mom is doing well. We celebrated her 80th birthday on May 17th, 2002. We used you “80” candles. That was very special. We felt your presence with us. Lots of love, Cathy.

14 February, 2002
We are all thinking of you today, Dad. Happy Valentine’s Day! We are sending you so much love and many prayers. Thank you for being born and for sharing so much with each one of us. We love you yet and keep you alive in our hearts and minds always. Love, Cathy, Mark and Reg.

“Catherine Harding” (
12 January, 2002
Thinking of you Dad on Saturday, January 12th, 2002. Today would have been your 85th birthday. What a very special light you were and continue to be. Thank you for being born. You are in our thoughts and hearts today and always. Happy Birthday. Love always, Cathy, Mark and Reg.

02 January, 2002
Thinking of you, Dad, on this second day of our new year, 2002. Continue to keep us in your prayers. You are always in ours. We love you–Cathy, Mark and Reg.

25 December, 2001
Hello, Dad. It is Christmas Day and we spent wonderful moments together talking about childhood Christmas’–those memories of people, places and experiences that are burned forever in memory. We continue to miss having you with us to share our “today” times, but hold you so very close at heart. Thank you for always being there for us. We love you, Dad. Mom, Cathy, Reg and Mark. Merry Christmas.

02 December, 2001
Hello, Dad. Sending you flowers and love. It’s Christmas time once again and we are all keeping you close at heart. Your spirit is close to each one of us. We love you, Dad. All our love, Reg, Cathy and Mark.

13 June, 2001
Hi, Dad! You have been on my mind so much this last couple of weeks. It was four years ago, May 29th, that you left us. Sunday is Father’s Day and I am thinking of all of the wonderful ways you encouraged me over the years, your great sense of humour, your passion for learning, your honesty when it mattered. I love you dad. Special thoughts and prayers at this time, Cathy.

12 May, 2001
Hi, Dad! Just dropping by to let you know that I’m thinking about you. Belated Happy Easter Greetings and Happy Spring! Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I always think of the Chrysanthemums you would give me on this day. Your yellow one is beginning to sprout again. I love you. Cathy

14 February, 2001
Hi, Dad! Send you our love on Valentine’s Day. You are in our thoughts and hearts always. Love always, Cathy, Mark and Reg.
25 December, 2000
Christmas 2000: A very merry Christmas to you. I remember how much you loved the splendour of this time of year, how much more of a kid you could be than any of us. It makes me smile to think of that! Love the picture, by the way. Kinda Robert DeNiro, ain’t it?
Love, Ted

“Catherine Teresa Harding” (
12 January, 2001
Thinking of you today Dad with so much love. Happy 84th Birthday. You continue to be in my thoughts and heart. I love you–Cathy.

01 January, 2001
Thinking of you today, Dad, and all the hope and promise of the New Year. Keep me kindly in your prayers. Love, Cathy

25 December, 2000
Remembering you with love on Christmas Day, Dad. Special wishes from Cathy, Mark and Reg.

06 December, 2000
Hello, Dad. It’s Christmas once again. We all miss you so much at this time of year. I remember with such fondness all of the wonderful family Christmases as a child. Thank you so much for providing me with such special memories. Mom is tired but doing fine. Sheila is not well and we are all trying to support her. Please keep us all in your prayers. Your courageous spirit is with each and every one of us. We send you our love and Christmas thoughts. God Bless you, Dad. I love you. Cathy. XXX OOO

29 October, 2000
Hi, Dad! It’s Cathy. You have been on my mind so much since I started back to school. I have twenty-two students this year–all very special. There is, however, so much conflict in the workplace. I’ve been thinking about how you always said during times such as these, “For every problem there is an opportunity”. I love you, Dad. Mom is well. Quite comfortable in her new apartment. She talks about you often and always with love. I hope you are well and happy. My love always, Cathy.

14 August, 2000
Thinking of you today, Dad. Mom is moving closer to us. Her heart is a little weaker, but she is managing okay. She has done well on her own but now needs us to keep a closer vigil. We send you all our love and remember your words: “For every problem there is an opportunity.” Mom and Cathy.

25 July, 2000
Remembering you today, Dad, on yours and mom’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary. Loving you always, Mom, Michael, Catherine, Paul, Patricia, Brian, Maureeen, Doreen, Sheila.

15 June, 2000
A remembrance from all of us, Dad. You are in our thoughts this Father’s Day.
Loving you always, Alma, Michael, Catherine, Paul, Patricia, Brian, Maureen, Doreen, Sheila.

20 February, 2000
When my father died, a little over two years ago now, I was devastated. I never thought the ache in my heart would go away. Somehow, with time, the love of others, and my own journey into that place called healing, the ache did diminish. Now, I am grateful for the many cherished memories of my father. It is so special to have a place to come to where I may share a state of mind which is universal. Love to all those who share this wonderful site.