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Tari Allender (
26 February, 1998
Elmer Gladding was a man who I am proud to call Grandfather. He was respected by all and he went out of his way to earn that respect. He not only got to know all the people of Troy, he showed them respect and by doing this gave the Troy Police Department a name to be proud of. Instead of sending all the “juvenile delinquents” off to jail, he talked to them, gave them other things to do and to think about. Most of these people straightened themselves out and never had to see the inside of a jail—all because someone showed he cared and respected them. They learned their lesson, the easy way.
Elmer Gladding – Brave – Strong – Proud!
I Love You and Miss You Grampy.
Tari Allender, Troy, NH

Sandi MacPherson (
26 February, 1998
Gone, but not forgotten.
I miss you, Dad.