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“CJD” (
17 May, 2005
From your Auntie Catharine.
I have been thinking of you today as your birthday approaches. I miss you even though I never had the honor and pleasure of knowing you in person. I will never forget you. Know that we all love you still.

“David Dollase” (
22 October, 2004
Dearest Darling Daughter.
It is 5 years to the day that you slipped away from us and passed onto a greater glory, leaving us heart-crushed and alone without you. You now have two younger siblings that we love so very much but nothing will ever completely heal the hole left by your departure.

We have never been able to leave flowers for you before due to technical problems but hope beyond hope that now it will “take” and we can finally, even on this ethereal internet thing, somehow send something out to you.

We think of you so often and use that memory to make us better people. That is your legacy to us.
Daddy and Mommy

“john ford” (
29 April, 2004
By chance, I found this cemetery for this dear daughter of friends of mine who I have long been out of touch with. Elizabeth would turn five years old this year. I have a niece about the same age. I know that Elizabeth now has a brother and sister who have helped bring joy to her parents. I wish these kids all the best in life and know they will hold a special place in their hearts for their big sister. -John H.H. Ford and his wife Audrey

“Lesire Jean-Marc” (
06 October, 2001
To little Elizabeth,
I put 2 white roses with you,one for you and one for my little boy Gaetan who went into God’s arms 5 years ago. You did your best,he did too but it wasn’t to be…so play together and one day,you will see your mummy and daddy again just as my little guy will see us too.
Vanneste Patricia-Belguim

“Donna Bogs” (
28 August, 2000
I am so sorry for the parents of this absolute doll. She looks so sweet in her photo. I can not fathom the pain her mamma and papa are feeling now. They must remember that one day, when their time comes, they will be met at the gates of heaven by this most beautiful little angel ever and they will never, ever be apart again. Until that happy reunion, they gotta hang in there. There are people out there who though they have never met, are thinking about them and have them in their prayers. Donna
28 May, 2000
Paul C. Mueller and Carla A. Benini
28 – 16 34th Street, 5H
Astoria, NY 11103-5077
27 May, 2000
Thinking of and loving you both.
Erick Devine
26 May, 2000
I am so sorry I never got to kiss your face. We’ll never know why your soul was only meant to be here for such a short time. But there is comfort in knowing that you were so very loved by your Mommy and Daddy, and everyone who knew you. Elizabeth, you will always be remembered by us. And when the time comes, I will kiss your sweet smiling face.
Annie and Dan Wetherbee

Catharine Dollase (
16 March, 2000
Sweet Elizabeth,
I wish that I had had the opportunity to give you hugs and kisses. I look forward someday to being able to hold you in heaven. In the meantime, God has sent your Great-Aunt Marie instead. She will hold you for all of us.
Love, Aunt Catharine

Ken Boynton (
21 January, 2000
Our best wishes.
Ken and Jeanne

Kristin Peterson (
16 January, 2000
Elizabeth Jane, your beautiful face and courageous soul are in our hearts and thoughts always. We like the idea that we can come and visit you here and give you tokens of our friendship and love. Kris and Justin

Robert Dollase (
14 January, 2000
honey from grandma and grandpa

“Ulla Clausen” (
28 December, 1999
Dearest Elizabeth Jane.
We are so sorry we never got to know you. We know that you were a very special person, that brought love and happiness into your parents life. Rest in peace.
Love from Mom’s basisgruppe in Denmark
27 December, 1999
sweet dear baby
happy travels to your blessed place thank you for your presence… though we wish it could have been longer you are so loved the earth has been so blessed as a fairie queen would shower one with stars so have you rest well love
wendy and dan
24 December, 1999
For Elizabeth:
“She shall have stars at elbow and foot,
And death shall have no dominion.”
-Dylan Thomas-
With deepest sympathy for David and Hanne,
Brian E.
23 December, 1999
We greive the loss of your presence with us here on earth, with full knowledge your spirit will continue to be among us.
David Thomé & Larry Watchorn
22 December, 1999
Little angels are sent to earth
The reason … one of love to share
Their journeys here are long or short
What reason could there be to be here and gone in the blink of an eye?

The reason …
To show us how to open our hearts with love unfathomable and with no
conditions. To realise the wonder of God in the twinkle of an eye, and the
giggle of a laugh.

Elizabeth Jane an angel you are.
Your visit was brief but what you have left behind is a lifetime.
Stay close to your Mommy and Daddy … they love you so.
Giggle in their ear and may they always see the twinkle of your eye in
every star they see in the sky.
with love,
Ellen Horst
21 December, 1999
Just as these cyber-flowers will never die, may the memory of beautiful Elizabeth last forever. /fb/

“Monica B. Harris” (
21 December, 1999
We will always remember her ready smile and sweet face….
Monica and Jesse
21 December, 1999
We seem to give Her back to you, Dear God
Who gave Her to Us
Yet as you did not lose Her in Giving
So We have not lost Her in the Return…
For life is Eternal
And Love is Immortal
And Death is only a Horizon
And a Horizon is nothing save
The Limit of our Sight…
A Horizon… Where Earth meets the Wondrous
Down curve of Heaven; Beautiful because
It is not an Ending but a Promise
(Author unknown)

Vera Cooley

“esnelson” (
16 November, 1999