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“jmBlades” (
06 January, 2001
Dear Paul;
Thank you for doing your part to keep America “the land of the free and home of the brave.” Please know that you and your sacrafice have not gone unnoticed — you are not forgotten my hero!

Mary Conroy (
01 July, 1998
I have never met Paul, but I am certain that he was a wonderful young man whose life was cut short because of an unpopular war. He made the supreme sacrifice for our country and will always be remembered. May God see it in his power to bring him home to rest.

Kenn Stogner (
July 05, 1997

I would like to leave flowers for Capt. Paul Dean Urquhart. You may have fallen in Vietnam, but you’ve risen to the heavens. God Bless, American Hero.

booster hunt (
13 December, 1997
I did not know Capt. Paul, but I honor his memory now because of what he gave for me. If he died on a lonely battlefield, I know the last thoughts in his mind were of his loved ones. God has taken him into his fold, never to shed tears again. What a blessed thought. Be sure to thank all his family for the ultimate sacrifice Capt. Paul gave.