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Jolissa Taylor (
22 April, 2011
Your story really touched my heart. I’m so sorry for the loss in your family. I know it has been some time now since his passing, but I know its something that never fades. I am a mother of two and I just couldn’t imagine the pain you all must have felt. It’s just one of those things where you really wish you could help the family but there is absolutely nothing you can do. Your story really has a strong impact and helps people really understand a portion of what you went through. I cry for you all today. God bless you.
21 April, 2010
May the family and Andrew find comfort with the Lord.
21 April, 2007
I read with great sadness the tribute to Andrew Certuche in today’s newspaper. I did not know the story of little Andrew until today, although I have known his brothers for sometime now as a teacher at their school. I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to the Certuche family on this sad anniversary day. I know if Andrew had grown up to be anything like his brothers, he would have been an amazing little boy. I feel honored to have been a small part of the education of these wonderful students and wish I would have had the opportunity to get to know Andrew too. My own daughter was born the same year as Andrew…I look at her now and can’t even imagine thinking of life without her. My heart truly goes out to all of you remembering your loved one today.
Sincerely, Respectfully,
Jill Hodge
26 April, 2006
I seen Andrew’s photo in the newspaper section for memorials just this friday. His picture grabbed me somehow, i had to find out more by coming to this website. after reading Andrew’s story, i was in tears. I am so sorry for your loss, i know those word mean nothing to you. the grief is will never go away.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family thank you Stephanie

“Marisa” (
12 February, 2003
I send my love and blessings to your whole family. May god bless your wonderful hearts at keeping his memory alive. I truly believe that if we remember those we have lost they truly never leave our presence. Memories and stories are the most preciouse things we have along with laughter. This is the greatest cure for a broken heart. It sounds as though he had one of the most loving families in the world & For the little time he was here he got to absorb so much love. That is something to be proud of and to hold on to forever. May god bless you with vivid memories of the preciouse Angel he has borrowed.
19 January, 2003
Baby Brother this is you sis Felicia Yvonne Certuche I didnt realy get to meet you but i know who you were and you’ll always be in my hearts your Brother Lawrence and your sis Carinna says hi we love you andrew forever and always and we will always miss you and we will never forget you we love you and R.I.P LOVE, Lawrence Certuche Felicia Certuche AND Carinna Certuche
21 June, 2000
These flowers are from the mother of a two year old in Connecticut. There are no words to ease your sorrow. May you find peace in the memory of a truly loved child.

“tomsuesummy” (
28 December, 2000
My Dear Little Angel, Andrew… Today is Day 982… that many days since I held you on my lap, kissed your soft cheek, and whispered “I Love you in your ear”….I am wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Nine (9) days ago, Tues. Dec. 19, 2000, Day 973 since you left, your Sweet Mama gave birth to yet another Baby Brother for you, Andrew. His Name is Nicholas Marion Alexander Certuche. Born at 7:07 pm, weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 inches long. That makes 4 brothers for you my Love. WOW! Five boys for your Mama and Daddy. Nicholas is probably the last one because of some health problems your Mama has had. Nicholas is beautiful and healthy and perfect. He looks alot like Samuel….especially when he was first born. Christopher (20 Months old) loves him and touches and kisses him alot. Samuel has always called Christopher “Baby” and still does. But he calls Nicholas “Nic-us”. Samuel is doing better with his speech, but is still a little behind his age group. But his vocabulary has increased alot in the last 3 months. We all try to help him pronounce words clearly. As you already know, your Mama and Daddy and all your brothers are doing very well, and we all had a wonderful Chistmas. We especially think about you, Baby, at Christmas time, Missing you most of all. You, Baby Andrew, are our Guardian Angel In Heaven. We Love and Miss You So. Good Bye til next time. Always and Forever My Love For You Grows… Gramma

27 July, 2000
My Dear Sweet Andrew….Yesterday, Tuesday July 26, 2000, was your 4th Birthday. Happy Birthday Baby. Your Mama and Mario and Samuel and Christopher came over yesterday on my lunch break, and Samuel sat on my lap while we came to this cemetery to visit you. Little Samuel, who is 2 1/2 yrs. old now, pointed at your picture and said, “Andrew, me…” He thinks he’s Andrew…he thinks he’s you. It’s a very hard concept for a 2 yr. old to comprehend…..not ever seeing you, but always talking about you. He only knows you by pictures, so in a way, to him you are a little different than his other brothers, Mario and Christopher. But I told him that you are his brother just like them, and that you are in Heaven with Jesus…. He will understand as he gets older. We all love you so much, and miss you everyday. We put a Memorial in yesterday’s newspaper for your birthday. It was the beautiful poem that your Aunt Nancy wrote and read at your Memorial Service. Your Mama’s due date for the new baby you sent us is December 22, 2000. It will be a Christmas baby. And as usual, she doesn’t want to find out if it’s a boy or a girl until it is born. After 4 boys, do you think it just might be a girl this time??? Right now you and Jesus are the only ones that know! And so, Sweet Baby, I leave these Flowers along with my Heart for you, and continue to Thank God for the Miracle He Sent us when He Sent You…..All My Love For a Million Eternities….Gramma

21 April, 2000
My Sweet Baby Andrew,
Today is the 2 year Anniversary of your death. We all miss you and love you so very much. I submitted a Memorial with your picture to the newspaper. Grampa and I did a beautiful one on the computer. Your Mama will send copies to all your relatives.
Today is Good Friday….the day we remember Jesus’ death on the Cross. What a Wonderful Day to share the anniversary of your death with the Savior, Jesus Christ. In Him, we have the Wonderful Hope of Eternal Life in Heaven…Of One Day Being With Jesus and with You, My Love! What cause for Celebration.
Your Mama found two rolls of film while she was cleaning last week. She got them developed…..and the film was 2 years old…..they were haunting pictures of you, Andrew….I got copies made and had them enlarged. Most of them were taken 14 days before you died, on your Grampa’s birthday, April 7th. I told your Mama that the pictures are like a Sweet Gift You and the Angels sent us so close to your two year Anniversary, April 21, 2000. There are a couple of pictures of your Sweet Daddy pushing you in a swing at the park. You weren’t too happy because it was your first and only ride on a swing….I love you, Andrew….I miss you so much.
Samuel is 2 1/2 yrs. old now and he is starting to talk more and more. He looks at your picture and can say your name as clear as I can. He loves you Andrew and misses you too. Christopher started walking about a week ago….he waddles like a duck….he will be 1 yr. old next week, April 29, 2000. I think Christopher will be talking early, he makes sound like words already….he likes to “talk”. Only you know what your little brother is saying!
I made your Mama and Daddy a blue and white baby blanket with a white satin label on it that says, “In Memory of Andrew D. Certuche”. I gave it to them today….I made your Daddy a nice picture of Samuel surrounded with pictures of you and him together…..April 21 is special for us. We think about you and take time to especially remember you.
Mario is going to Junior High next year….He misses you too Andrew…..he’s a Special Big Brother to Samuel and Christopher….I think he’s their self appointed protector…..He loves them a lot too…. I crocheted 9 Crib Blankets with your Name Label on them “In Memory of Andrew D. Certuche” and they left Wed. April 12, 2000 for Romania with a team from our church. They will be given to Pastor Ben, who our people are helping to build a little Village Church in Romania. He will give them to families who have a Baptism in their family. Your Blankets, made with Love and sent to Romania to Honor Your Short, but Very Meaningful Little Life and Death, are clear over on the other side of the world keeping some little children warm….I Have Shared You With The World, Andrew….You Will Never Be Forgotten…..You Will Always, Somehow be Remembered…..The World is a Better Place Because You Were Here Andrew…..I Will Always Love You….. Sing Me A Song Tonite, Andrew….I Long To Hear Your Sweet Voice Again…. All My Love For A Million Lifetimes….. Gramma And so, Sweet Baby, I leave you all these Beautiful, Colorful Flowers today….

21 October, 1999
My Angel Baby Andrew… Today is Thursday, October 21, 1999, it’s been exactly a year-and-a-half today since we lost your Beautiful Little Face from this earth… Today is Day 548 since I last got to hold your pudgy little body in my arms… 548 Days since I Kissed Your Sweet Cheek Good Bye For The Last Time… I’ve been thinking about you especially all week… I miss you, my Sweet “Papas”… My love grows for you more and more each day. I am missing you, Little Andrew… It was your little Brother Samuel’s 2nd Birthday the day before yesterday, Tuesday, October 19, 1999. He’s bright and beautiful. We’re all so thankful that you sent us your Beautiful Little Gift From Heaven… Another Angel… Christopher Nathaniel… who will be 6 months old the 29th of Oct. He’s the age Samuel was when you died… Samuel and Christopher play together and laugh together all the time. Christopher is gentle and mellow and always happy. Our Little Samuel is our Little Entertainer. He walks around with Mario’s big shoes on… or puts a hat on and walks around making all of us laugh. He’s so full of Life… Your Tender Little Spirit Lives on in Samuel… He is our link to you always… I will always Love You, My Angel… and Miss You So… and so until we are running down hills together and laughing together in the Sunshine of Heaven… I Give You All My Love For All Eternity… Gramma 🙂
05 October, 1999
I would like to leave flowers for the little one! Being myself a mom, my heart goes out to you… then granny’s ones, that made me cry so sadly. May little Andrew be guarded by Angels. He knows you loved him so much.
Best regards
Vinya from Paris, France

“tomsuesummy” (
22 September, 1999
My Angel Andrew… Today is Wednesday, Sept. 22, 1999… and I am missing you so much today, Baby. The other day I was feeling that old feeling… impatience and grumpiness… and I knew what I needed to do… It always happens, everytime I need a good “Andrew Cry”. My thoughts kept returning to you no matter what I was doing. But I kept putting it off, because I knew if I faced it, I would have to do the difficult and painful task of “grief work”…. Sometimes I just want to run away from it. But I know that it must be done as part of the healing process…. I pulled out some of your clothes and your little shoes, and the cup you were just starting to drink from (the one with your little teeth marks all over it)… and I spent much needed time with you Andrew… it was a soul-cleansing… I felt “refreshed” afterward… And so I cried… I love you more with each passing day. I have been counting the days since you died… Today is Day 519. I love you Baby… Give Jesus a Big Hug for me and for your Mama & Daddy and Mario, Samuel and Christopher… All My Love For a Million Lifetimes… Gramma 🙂

25 August, 1999
My Dear Angel Andrew… I am missing you today Baby… Your Little Brother, Samuel, will be 22 months old this Sunday. When he comes over to our house, Andrew… Little Samuel pulls out the Little yellow Duckie Rocker that was yours, and he sits on it and rocks… He’s getting a little big for it though. You rode on it when you were about 17-18 months old. I keep it in my bedroom. It helps me to feel close to you… Baby Brother, Christopher, is getting b-i-g. He’s beautiful, just like you Baby. Big Brother, Mario, starts school in a couple of weeks… 6th grade this year… He Loves You Lots, Baby… Mama & Daddy miss you everyday. I give you all My Hugs and Kisses… Forever and Always I will Love You… Gramma 🙂

13 August, 1999
as i sit here and read you love i am grateful that i still have my son who we have nearly lost so many times. i’m grateful that when he does go i’ll know why, because of his syndrome. i feel for you and cry for your lost. you and your family are in my prayers.