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“Donna Bogs” (
18 August, 2003
I feel so bad for Alexander’s family to lose such a fine son in such a senseless way. If that drunk driver only used a little common sense and thought about what damage he could do by getting behind the wheel in his condition. May Alexander rest in peace and his family find comfort in knowing that they will be together again someday. Donna M Bogs

atrapp (
09 March, 2001
My dear son,
It’s been 3 long years…We finally put the man that killed you in prison. Rest now…. Love, Mom

03 April, 1999
Flowers for Alex, Happy Birthday. April 2, Love, Mom, Dad, Matt, & Adam

20 December, 1998
You were so young, so bright, so full of life. you taught me much. I miss you. Love, Mom