Elizabeth Jane Dollase ✵ 1999-1999

Elizabeth Jane Dollase

Name at birth:  Elizabeth Jane Dollase
Date of birth:  26 May 1999
Place of birth:  Seattle, Washington, USA
Date of death:  21 October 1999
Place of death:  Seattle, Washington, USA
Resting place:  Ashes Scattered at Puget Sound in Seattle and in Denmark
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“…Our Beautiful Elizabeth
passed out of our arms and into God’s @ 6 :20pm pst on 10/21. Our sadness and
grief knows no bounds. but we do want to thank you from the bottom of our
ragged hearts for all your prayers and good wishes for her survival. There
were just too many complications and though she fought like a bear, she just
couldn’t surmount…” (from a message from Elizabeth’s Father)

To the Little Sweetheart that we barely knew.
We will miss you and love you all the days of our lives.

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