Dolores Bernadette Lutz ✵ 1938-1992

Dolores Bernadette Lutz

Name at birth:  Dolores Bernadette Trombetta
Date of birth:  30-01-38
Place of birth:  Philadelphia, PA
Date of death:  15-12-92
Place of death:  Cinnaminson, NJ
Resting place:  New Jersey, USA
Submitted by:  Debbie Lutz (


Dolores Bernadette Lutz


There are no words that can explain on how I feel inside, I miss you each and every day, and sometimes I want to hide. There are things in life I want to share, with my mother, my best friend. But all I have are memories, and that of course won’t end. Someday mom, we will meet again, for this I am very sure. And when that day comes for me, I’m sure you’ll be at the door. You taught me a lot through out my life, and to stand on my own feet. You lifted me up when I was down, and did stuff that was neat. I will never forget the times we shared, and how you made me smile. And know in my heart that this time apart is only for a little while. And if memories are all I have, I will cherish them the most. Because still with me going through life is my mother’s ghost. I LOVE YOU MOM !!!!!!!!!

Love you and miss you

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