Danny Cockerline ✵ 1960-1995

Danny Cockerline

Name at birth:  Danny Cockerline
Date of birth:  30/09/60
Place of birth:  North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Date of death:  11/12/95
Place of death:  Toronto, Canada
Resting place:  Toronto, Canada
Submitted by:  Gerald Hannon (



With age comes innocence. That is why we need the succulent, corrupting young. That is why we have lost so much with the suicide of Danny Cockerline. He was just 35 years old, and had about him still the blatant fearlessness the world misunderstands and calls corruption.

He was a prostitute. A drug user. A porn star. He partied too loudly, too often and too hard, yet in those same devouring energies he found the will and means to carry on a political struggle that took him from the activism of the now defunct gay magazine The Body Politic to the fight for prostitutes’ rights to his role as pinup boy for the safer-sex campaigns of the age of AIDS.

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