Chris ‘CJ’ Jackson ✵ 1968-1996

Name at birth:    Christopher James Calvin Jackson 
Date of birth:    May 9, 1968 
Place of birth:   Canada 
Date of death:    April 26, 1996 
Place of death:   Oshawa, Canada 
Place of burial:  Necropolis Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Submitted by: Syd Creighton (

In Memory of my Blood Brother, Chris, the Dark Prince. We shared so many things in such a short time, laughter (lots), tears (not too many), love (lots), and pain (yours was physical, mine was emotional). I was honoured to walk by your side for a time in your journey through this life. You left me better than you found me, and you taught me much. Rest well my brother, until we meet again — when the first drink’s on me — and the party resumes as before.
With all my love, and respect.
Mistress Syd

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