Charles Ernest Walker ✵ 1947-1996

Name at birth:    Charles Ernest Walker 
Date of birth:    August 30th, 1947 
Place of birth:   Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A. 
Date of death:    July 6th, 1996 
Place of death:   Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A. 
Place of burial:  Topeka Cemetary, Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A.

Submitted by: Robin Walker (

To the breath of my life, forever….
The earth was blessed in 1947, when Charles Ernest Walker was born. As a boy he was called “Sonny”, and later “Chuck”. In 1988 he was given a chance for new life, when he underwent a heart transplant, and then, he married me. In 1990 our beautiful boy was born, Adam Charles Walker, the pride and joy of his father. Chuck was swiftly taken by the angels on July 6th, 1996. He is still with us — watching, protecting, and smiling with love. We will be with him again — in the blink of an eye.

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