About this Cemetery

The World Wide Cemetery is open to all people.

You are on the oldest online cemetery and memorial site in the world!

About the World Wide Cemetery

Our Promises

•  We will never charge you an annual fee, or ask you to create an account and select a password.

•  We have set aside a 100-Year Fund with sufficient money to guarantee the long-term existence of this cemetery.

•  We will preserve the serenity of the entire cemetery; you will never see advertising on your memorial.

•  We will fully refund you if you change your mind (valid for the first two weeks after we post a memorial).

•  We will never share or sell your personal information or spam you. We do not track you.

•  We will reliably, personally, and quickly address your requests and questions.

•  We publish memorials in six languages: English, français, Deutsch, italiano, español, português.

Our Requirements

•  Memorials must be respectful and honest.

•  Memorials are for close friends or family members.

•  This cemetery is for deceased human beings (although we love our pets).

Our Legal Texts

•  Legal text on Proprietary Rights.

•  Legal text on Privacy Policy.

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